Four Possible Outcomes of a Juvenile Criminal Case In Okaloosa County

There are only four possible outcomes for a juvenile/minor that is arrested and charged in Fort Walton Beach or Destin, Florida.

  1. Dismissal (nol pros)
  2. Diversion (pre-trial intervention or deferred prosecution agreement)
  3. No Contest or Guilty Plea (Probation, Juvenile Program, or Secure Detention)
  4. Judge Trial

The first two possibilities are dismissal and diversion. These are considered excellent outcomes because either way, the case will be resolved without a plea and without a conviction. This allows for the best possible result called a record expungement.

Simply put, an expungement is a subsequent legal process in which the juvenile arrest and criminal offense is substantially removed from the public record. This type of result should be the clear goal of any criminal defense attorney.

The second two possibilities, a plea or a judge trial, could result in an adjudication of delinquency and a juvenile sentencing disposition that may include a wide variety of sanctions or jail sentences.

If you get a call from your child who is under the age of 18 after an arrest in Destin, Fort Walton Beach or elsewhere in Okaloosa County, or they’ve been released and you have a court date, call me immediately (850) 362-6655. The call is free and we’ll discuss what your son or daughter faces, and what I may be able to do.