Motions to Set Bond, Motions to Reduce Bond, and Bond Hearings

As a criminal defense attorney, I have conducted hundreds of bond hearings for my clients to help them get out of jail during the pendency of their criminal case. In working toward the best result, there are huge advantages to having your client out of jail. It gives you additional leverage in negotiations and allows you to prepare for trial on a more favorable time table.


  1. If the client has NO BOND, then your attorney must immediately file a Motion to Set Bond.
  2. If the client has a set bond, but the total amount of the bond is too high, then your attorney must immediately file a Motion to Modify or Reduce Bond.

The process for either one is substantially the same and requires that a legally sufficient written Motion be filed and a court hearing be set and properly noticed. Please note: Some individual Judges have strict requirements about the content of the Bond Motion, as well as certain rules about the proper scheduling of Bond Hearings, so your attorney should be prepared.

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