Where Was My Son or Daughter Taken After Being Arrested in Walton County or Okaloosa County If They Are Over 18?

When a person over 18 is arrested by law enforcement in Okaloosa County or Walton County, Florida, they are normally taken to the respective county jail of local jurisdiction.

In Walton County, the county jail is located just north of Defuniak Springs, which is approximately 50 miles north of Destin.

In Okaloosa County, the county jail is located just east of Crestview, approximately 30 miles north of Fort Walton Beach.

When someone is brought to the county jail, they are taken inside a gated entrance and brought in through a corridor called a “sally port.”

From there, there are two different possibilities, they are either:

  1. Booked in and allowed to post bond and leave the jail; or
  2. Taken to a small room and instructed to remove all clothing and personal items and put them in a bag, which is later put in a holding locker. After being searched, they are given a jumpsuit and taken to the booking area for photos and fingerprinting.
    Then they are given an ID tag with an inmate number before being led to the “inmate pod” or holding cell. There they will remain overnight until early the following morning at which point they will be interviewed by pre-trial services who will later recommend a bond for the judge at the First Appearance Hearing.

If your son or daughter is facing #2, you’ll want to retain an attorney prior to the first appearance so they can be be present for the interview and properly prepared to advocate on their client’s behalf for the lowest possible bond.

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