The 8 Different Types of Arrest in Okaloosa County & Walton County

In Okaloosa & Walton County, Florida, the court systems allow for many different types of Arrests. Chances are one of these categories applies to your case. The key for any experienced criminal defense lawyer is knowing the procedural impact of each type of arrest and how it can affect your case going forward.

Roughly 75% of all arrests are made by law enforcement without a warrant, but the more serious felony offense categories like sex charges and white collar crimes are almost always processed with an arrest warrant. In other blog posts on this site, I explain these different types of arrests in more detail.

However, if you have been arrested under any of these circumstances, it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney right away to discuss the ramifications of your arrest and what it means in the long term.

8 Types of Arrests in Florida

  1. Warrantless Arrest made by law enforcement or probation based on available probable cause at the time of arrest
  2. Arrest Warrant based on investigation affidavit made by law enforcement and subsequently approved of by a Judge
  • Order to Take Into Custody or Pick Up Order (Juvenile)
  • Direct Issue Capias with Information (charging document) filed by prosecuting State Attorney
  • Arrest Based on Indictment by Grand Jury
  • Capias or Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear (FTA)
  • Violation of Probation or Community Control Warrant
  • Fugitive Warrant or Extradition Warrant (from out of county or out of state).
  • Time to Fight Back

    You were arrested, but that is not the end of your case. It is only the beginning. Attorney Shawn Lupella can help you get started fighting the criminal charges against you. Call me today at one of my office locations in Fort Walton Beach (850) 362-6655 or Destin (850) 424-5240 to discuss your arrest situation in Okaloosa County or Walton County.