Does The Military Have A System Of Tracking Criminal Arrests & Reports?

Locally, in Okaloosa and Walton County, we have a large contingent of Air Force, Army and Navy personnel.

So….Supervising officers, NCOs, (First Sergeants or First Shirts) regularly request jail log printouts and arrest sheets for military members.

In other cases, law enforcement officers and correctional officers with take it upon themselves to initiate contact with the defendant’s immediate supervisor, to either directly report the offense or to inquire about potential bond issues.

So generally speaking, yes, the military will find out about the arrest one way or another, even if it is not in the immediate sense.

There are exceptions, but they are rare and are generally only seen in minor misdemeanor cases for those on TDY, or “off the radar” so to speak.

If you’ve been arrested, the sooner you speak with a civilian criminal defense attorney, the better.

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