Who Is The Best DUI Attorney In Destin or Fort Walton Beach?

Almost every DUI defense attorney in Destin, Fort Walton Beach or elsewhere in Okaloosa County, has a bit of an ego and they think they are the best at defending DUI cases. No surprise there, right?

But in practice and in truth, rarely is the purported “DUI specialist” the best DUI defense attorney available. Whereas an experienced criminal defense attorney has a wider field of experience and legal knowledge, they handle other types of cases as well as DUIs.

So if you are looking for an attorney to represent you, please keep in mind a couple things. First, if a lawyer only focuses on DUI cases, then they are either doing it purely for marketing purposes, or second, they are not comfortable in other types of complex criminal matters. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both.

On the other hand, if you are seeking the best local DUI defense attorney in a small market like Destin or Fort Walton Beach, you probably need to expand your search to include criminal defense attorneys that handle DUI cases regularly, but also have an expansive blend of experience from all aspects of the criminal defense legal practice. These attorneys have more courtroom and trial experience with more exposure to procedural and technical defense formulation and strategy.

Thinking “Outside The Box” On A DUI Case Could Lead To A Better Result And That’s All That Matters

Sadly, many “DUI experts” are very efficient in facilitating no contest pleas to their client’s DUI cases. Rarely do they aggressively negotiate, litigate, file motions, or go to trial. They simply talk their clients into the State’s offer – a plea deal as charged.

Don’t Hire The Attorney With The Most Cases – Hire The DUI Attorney With The Best Results

Ask them how often they have had a DUI reduced or dismissed, and inquire about misdemeanor as well as felony trial experience. Also ask them, of the cases they have had success with in the past, what issues are most likely to lead to the charge being reduced to reckless or careless driving? What type of circumstances could lead to my DUI getting completely dismissed? They should be able to talk about having success in filing motions to suppress and motions to exclude evidence, knowing that a bad traffic stop is the easiest way to win a DUI case prior to trial.

The secret that every great drunk driving defense attorney should know is actually quite simple, but most attorneys are not proficient enough at executing the intended game plan.

The key is getting the bad evidence from your drunk driving arrest suppressed and excluded before the jury trial in order to create a weak impairment case that will be difficult for the prosecutor to prove that your client was Driving Under the Influence – beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.

Other questions to ask the attorney:

Can the attorney attack the DUI arrest based on a lack of probable cause?
Can the attorney attack the field sobriety tests?
Can the attorney challenge the validity of your breath test?
Can the attorney get a felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor?

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