How Much Does It Cost To Hire A DUI Attorney In Okaloosa or Walton County?

Obviously, nobody budgets for a DUI. The experience takes you by surprise in the worst way possible, and that includes…financially. A general rule of thumb is that quality DUI defense attorneys that are in demand require that the majority of their fees be paid up front.

Alternatively, the poorer DUI attorneys will generally accept any payment plan spread out over the course of several months. A cheap lawyer usually offers a cheap defense.

Building a good defense to any DUI case requires an attorney’s time and resources and that requires office infrastructure combined with a proven system of doing things right.

Some attorneys skip these steps and simply do a cursory review of the police reports, then make a quick decision about the quality of the case.

If it is a difficult case, they will try to talk their clients into a plea to the prosecutor’s offer while at the same time trying to sell their clients on the idea that they actually earned their fee.

On the other hand, do not necessarily think that the most expensive lawyer is the best either. The “high-fee attorney” may set their prices artificially high to keep their volume down and their per-case profitability at its maximum.

In addition, some of these same attorneys charge high fees purely to make the client think that they are the best because they are the most expensive. You usually get what you pay for, but not always.

As an experienced and successful DUI defense attorney, I always charge a flat fee for my work which usually covers my entire representation until the case is resolved. The amount of the fee varies for each case, so one might expect, more difficult DUI cases cost more because they require more time and resources.

But one thing I refuse to do is to charge additional fees for filing motions, court appearances, and motion hearings. The reason I never charge additional fees for additional litigation is because I never want to deter a client from doing everything possible to win their drunk driving case.

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