How Do You Change A No Contact Order After A Domestic Violence (DV) Battery Or Assault Arrest In Okaloosa County?

Most Domestic Violence arrests for civilians or military personnel result in a No-Contact Order being issued as a condition of release. That means that as a condition of your bond, you cannot have ANY contact whatsoever with the person that is the alleged victim of that criminal case.

That means you cannot not have any contact with that person and you cannot go home to collect any personal items without a pre-authorized police escort. If you fail to abide by the court order, you will have your bond revoked and be sent back to jail until your case is resolved.

The good news is that it is very possible that the No Contact Order can be changed. Your attorney can file a motion to modify contact or modify bond conditions and set a hearing before a Judge.

If the alleged victim of the case has no objection to the modification, then it is likely that the Judge will change the NO CONTACT to NO VIOLENT CONTACT. This means you can reside together so long as there are not any perceived acts of violence, threats, etc.

Please note that in most cases, the no violent contact order will remain in effect until the case is dismissed or otherwise resolved.

Keep in mind that in some cases, there may be multiple NO CONTACT ORDERS in place for the same circumstance from different judges and different court proceedings. These include:

  • Restraining Orders
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions
  • Department of Children and Family (DCF) Orders
  • Military Orders and Restrictions

Make sure that each and every order from each individual court is consistent with the modification with your criminal case before you attempt to have contact with the subject person. Do not risk violating any court order. The consequences could be disastrous, subjecting you to a bond revocation, additional criminal charges, or contempt proceedings.

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