Is DUI Breath Or Blood Alcohol Testing More Scientifically Accurate?

There is no question that blood testing and analysis for alcohol concentration, when properly done after a DUI stop, is much more accurate and much more precise than breath testing.

However, because of expediency, Florida Law Enforcement Officers employ a stationary DUI breath testing device called the Intoxilyzer 8000. It uses a scientific measuring device called a spectrometer to detect alcohol molecules present within a given air/gas volume.

In my undergraduate studies at the University of North Dakota, I took coursework in both qualitative and quantitative chemistry and studied gas spectroscopy, conducting various experiments and lab analysis.

What I found was that unless every aspect, every variable was controlled perfectly, the final calculations that would quantify (or give a numerical value to the amount of the substance you were testing for) would be askew, sometimes substantially so.

The difficulty with testing gases outside a laboratory is simple. It is too difficult to control things like ambient temperature, gas volume, and gas pressure. And all of these variables are relative to the environment in which the test is given, as well as the individual person who is the subject of the breath alcohol testing.

The bottom line this – I challenge both types of DUI tests in Okaloosa County and Walton County if I can identify any inconsistencies. But the breath test given after a drunk driving stop is a much easier test to prove inaccuracies that result in a DUI being thrown out.

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