Bond Revocation In Okaloosa County & Walton County

If you were arrested in Okaloosa County or Walton County, Fl., and are currently on bond, or if you face the possibility of having your bond revoked it could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. If you have a NO CONTACT ORDER in place, be extra careful to not have any contact with the subject person. If you do, the court can immediately revoke your bond.
  2. If you get arrested for a new law violation while on bond, your previous bond may be revoked.
  3. If you are required to check in with Pre-Trial Services on a weekly basis, you must do it.
  4. If you fail to appear for a required court date, without a waiver of appearance from your attorney, you will receive a new criminal charge of Failure to Appear, and your bond will likely be revoked.
  5. If you were on probation and were arrested on a new charge you may receive a bond, only for it to be revoked once the warrant on the violation of probation makes its way through the court system. (This issue should be addressed at first appearance by your attorney.)

Time is of the Essence. Attorney Shawn Lupella can help you deal with your potential bond revocation issue and pending criminal charges, fighting to keep your out of jail and working toward the best possible result. Call me today to discuss your individual situation or schedule an office appointment at one of my offices in Fort Walton Beach (850)362-6655 or Destin (850)424-5240.