What A Possession Of Marijuana Conviction Can Mean In Okaloosa County

If you appear in Okaloosa County Court and enter a plea that results in the conviction to an enumerated drug crime, such as Possession of Marijuana, you face some harsh penalties.

Even for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge, you may face a combination of jail and probation for one year while losing your driver’s license for two years. That’s right: TWO YEARS without a driver’s license.

In addition, a conviction to possession of marijuana carries with it additional consequences that could mean:

  1. Loss of a college scholarship and financial aid.
  2. Loss of your job, including your professional license or certification.
  3. A permanent drug charge on your criminal record.
  4. Fines, Court Costs, Community Service, Supervision Fees, Random Urinalysis and Drug Screens, Monthly Reporting Probation, Drug Evaluation, Drug Classes, Individual Drug Treatment or Drug Counseling.
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