Do You Need A Private Criminal Defense Attorney In Okaloosa County?

Yes. If you can afford it financially, it is really a “no-brainer.”

Being accused of a crime means that you are facing the possibility of losing something extremely important: YOUR FREEDOM. And in addition, there can be long-term consequences suffered from a criminal conviction: the loss of a job or future earning potential, the social stigma, and if it is a felony charge, the loss of certain constitutional rights, like owning a gun or voting in an election.

Simply put, if there is a chance you could go to jail, wouldn’t you do everything you could to avoid that outcome? Better to take a lawyer up on that free consultation, than regretting it six months or a year from now.

If you or a family member has been arrested, give me a call at (850) 362-6655 to discuss the issue. The call is free.