How Much Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Cost In Okaloosa County?

Each case and situation is different, so the only real way to know would be to call for a free consultation. Even if you know going in that funds are tight, you won’t be wasting my time. I am happy to discuss your situation and if you would like me to represent you in your case, I promise to do my best to find a way to make my legal fee as affordable as possible.

I almost always charge a FLAT fee for my services. This is true for DUIs, Battery, as well as complex felonies. I am able to charge a flat fee because of my experience in handling virtually every type of criminal case.

I have a good understanding of how difficult your case may to resolve and that is what I base my fee on. And with my flat fee system, I also normally do not charge for extra litigation like motions and hearings or special court appearances.

If your case requires extra effort to get the proper result, then that should be included in the representation. Some attorneys will nickel and dime you with extra “costs” and “fees.” I refuse to do that.

If you’ve been arrested in Okaloosa County or Walton County and need to discuss the situation with an professional attorney, call me at (850) 362-6655 for a FREE consultation.