Should I Expect Jail Time Even On A First Offense Misdemeanor Or Felony In Okaloosa County?

Every case is different and depending on the charge and the circumstances of the case, jail or prison is always possible. However, for the most part, incarceration is a rarity for most misdemeanors and low-level felonies if it is a first offense.

Unfortunately, many attorneys will meet with someone on a consultation and will try to convince them to hire the attorney out of fear of going to jail. If you meet with me, I will tell you what to expect and I will be honest.

My experience dealing exclusively in the field of criminal law for many years allows me to have an excellent handle on what can happen during the course of a typical criminal case, as well as what could happen in your individual case. So if I do not think that you are facing jail time, I will simply tell you.

But on the other hand, if I sincerely think that jail or prison is a real possibility, I will also tell you the truth. I promise not to sugar-coat it, but tell you like it is. I have found that clients appreciate this approach and would rather have a straight-talking, honest, attorney—than one that over-promises at the beginning, only to recede to vague speculations later during the course of representation.

If you’ve been arrested on a misdemeanor or felony charge in Okaloosa or Walton County, give me a call at (850) 362-6655 for a free consultation so we can discuss what’s really likely to happen.