Is It Possible To Get A Fleeing & Eluding Charge Reduced Or Dismissed In Okaloosa County?

Yes, but it is not easy. Your attorney must set priorities in order to represent you and your case effectively. These are generally true for any felony case:

1. Avoiding Prison or Jail.
2. Avoiding a Felony Conviction.
3. Working to create factual mitigation and establishing legal defenses.
4. Working to get the charges reduced.
5. Saving a job or career.
6. Saving your Driver’s License.

In following these priorities, my goal for every Fleeing & Eluding case I’ve handled in Okaloosa County or Walton County, is to work toward the best possible result.

If that is a clean dismissal, that is my aim. If, in other cases, we are able to get a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor, that may be acceptable in order to preserve my client’s priorities and goals, which are the same as my own.

Specifically, I will focus from a legal standpoint on the elements of the charge itself. Perhaps the officer did not have a legal basis to initiate a traffic stop in the first place. If no other traffic laws are broken, and it is not a high-speed chase, this defense could be viable. And what if you simply didn’t see the lights flashing soon enough? You may not have intended to flee, but the cop thought you were not obeying his command to stop, and spitefully charged you with a felony.

There are ways to combat these situations from a legal standpoint, in depositions and cross-examination as well as specific and technical motion practice in order to obtain that best possible result.

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