Criminal Mischief Charges Dismissed In Walton County & Proceeding Toward Expungement

We were contacted by a individual in the Military who was charged with criminal mischief while visiting Sandestin in Walton County. The truth is, he was basically charged with a crime by police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

Alleged to have taken part in damaging some property, evidence was fairly weak and circumstantial. And while it would have been a great trial case, we also wanted to put ourselves in position to qualify for an expungement, which would not be possible even after a “not guilty” trial verdict.

We finally decided to opt for a deferred prosecution agreement that presented no risk to the client and also put us in position for a clean dismissal and eventual record expungement.

** Florida Law requires this statement: Each case is unique, such as Walton County Case Number 2014-MM-115X, and no guarantee is made about the result we may be able to obtain.