Criminal Lawyer For Arrest On Obstructing Justice By Giving False Name or ID to Police in Okaloosa County

Criminal Defense For Obstructing Justice By Giving False Name or ID Charges In Fort Walton Beach, Destin & Okaloosa County

Fla. Stat. §901.36 provides that it is a crime to knowingly give a false name or identification to a law enforcement officer upon being lawfully detained or arrested causing harm or damage to another. The penalties for this offense are pretty steep too.

There are four elements the State prosecutor in Okaloosa County must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant did in fact provide a false name and/or identification to an LEO and/or having an adverse affect on another:

  1. The Defendant must be lawfully detained or arrested by a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO).
  2. The Defendant falsely identified himself or herself to the LEO.
  3. At the time, the officer was acting within their duties under the law, pursuant to statutory authority.
  4. The victim was affected adversely by the unlawful use of the identification

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