Fleeing and Eluding Defense Attorney in Okaloosa County

Arrested After A Police Chase In Fort Walton Beach, Destin or Elsewhere In Okaloosa County


A fleeing and eluding charge is a serious felony and it is charged more often than most people think. It comes into play when a vehicle is targeted by law enforcement for any variety of reasons, which may include the following:
Fleeing and Eluding

  • Suspicion of DUI
  • Speeding or any Traffic Stop
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Hit and Run)
  • No Valid Driver’s License of Vehicle Tag
  • Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License

Once the police officer makes the attempt to pull someone over with their blue lights activated or some other command or show of authority, the subject must stop or face arrest and potentially harsh consequences for aggravated fleeing & eluding, also known as felony fleeing.

Fleeing and Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer Under Florida Law If Charged As A Base-Level Third Degree Felony

According to § 316.1935, Florida Statutes, to prove the crime of Fleeing to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer, the prosecutor must prove certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. That the Defendant was operating (had actual physical control) a vehicle upon a public street or highway.
  2. A police officer ordered or commanded the defendant to stop or remain stopped.
  3. And although the Defendant was aware or the command to stop: the Defendant either: willfully (intentionally, knowingly, and purposefully) refused or failed to stop the vehicle in compliance with the order or having stopped the vehicle, willfully fled in a vehicle in an attempt to elude the officer (eluding police charge).

Keep in mind, whether or not the law enforcement officer was in an “authorized law enforcement patrol vehicle” with the proper jurisdictional and agency insignia/markings prominently displayed on the vehicle could be an issue of great importance.

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For more information on the Florida Laws for fleeing and eluding, see 16.1935 Fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer; aggravated fleeing and eluding